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Our Way

We bring together the disciplines of Design, Ergonomics, User Experience, Technology, and Psychology to create your perfect environment, based on your needs. The most sophisticated Danish design brands are part of our offering, and we have curated their most interesting and sustainable pieces. We care about how furniture impacts office spaces and people, knowing that better surroundings make your work more enjoyable, productive, and fulfilling.

Our Footprint

Every company occupies space and resources. Furnishing a 20-person office will on average leave 2.96 tons in carbon footprint. By transitioning from an ownership model to a circular economy model, OMNI ensures that the furniture lives on after it has completed its purpose again and again, through rental, reuse, refurbishment, and recycling. 

Our Team 

We are an international team, representing seven nationalities, experienced in entrepreneurship, development, engineering, design, and communications. Our HQ is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and our team is united by the idea of developing meaningful and sustainable workplaces for the future of work. We are true believers in the effects of our environment on our state of being and love craftsmanship that age with beauty and grace.

Yuan Nielsen

Founder & CEO
Yuan is a serial entrepreneur, dedicated to changing the way we consume by focusing on experience over ownership. While her high spirits fill our office, her high standards inspire us to keep pushing ourselves to break from the norm. Around her, we feel at the top of our game.

Kenneth Horndrup

Kenneth is whom we proudly call our super nerd. We can easily lose him for hours when he dives into technical details, but that’s also what we love about him. He is a master in developing everything from complex database systems to creating great customer experiences online.

Christopher Jørgensen

Sales & Marketing
Christopher is far from restricted by his engineering background. He is a jack of all trades and can work calmly across sales, marketing, product, and technology. Cool and inventive, you can find him building weird boats and skateboards in his spare time.

Inês Conduto

Content Writer
Inês loves words and learning about people and what motivates them. She is responsible for managing social media and creating new content. She has an eye out for novelty and for things that can contribute to a better and more sustainable future.

Advisory Board

Alexander Kølpin

Kolpin Hotels

Anders Cleemann


Henrik Jeberg

Advant Partners

Mik Strøyberg

Good Monday

Ola Arvidsson

Chief HR Officer & CSR
Arla Foods

Steffen Frølund


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