Our Journey

Our Journey from SaaS to FaaS

After being part of numerous Software-as-a-Service companies and countless office moves, we realized how much office furniture and physical surroundings impact our state of being at work. Yet, moving and setting an office can be the most stressful and disruptive thing a company goes through, so we became obsessed with conceptualizing the ideal office experience. 

Our first Furniture-as-a-Service solution came to life in the heart of Copenhagen, bringing about unimaginable results and substantiating the opportunity to help many other like-minded scaleups and SMEs to get the office they truly deserve, as they work to build their incredible companies.

Inspired by modern SaaS principles and rooted in the Danish furniture heritage, OMNI's dedicated team is united by the dream that everyday work should feed our passion for learning and sharing. Our international group consists of people from various fields, including business, technology, UX, design, and psychology - with office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What we do

We factor in every conceivable element that will make your office space more enjoyable, productive, and fulfilling. Because place, mind, and work are connected, OMNI was founded to elevate this trinity, while making great designs and high-quality products accessible through monthly subscriptions and making it easy and painless to get set up.

In the US, 9 million tons of office furniture end in landfills each year, as less than 10% of office furniture is used beyond the first office it inhabits. We curate and circulate beautiful, high-quality furniture that will circulate and live on, long after you’re done.

How we work

We partnered with some of the best sustainable furniture brands to provide an exclusive experience, but we are also deeply passionate about sourcing top-quality, handcrafted products that age with grace and can easily be refurbished and reused. We believe that lovely products should live a long life and be loved by many.

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